Ethics in Research (Politecnico di Milano Summer School)
APPLICATION CLOSED - 2 - 6 September, 2019. The School is aimed to make participants a) fully aware on how scientific and technological research have ethical implications; b) to identify ethical issues in specific research cases and procedures; c) to understand how the adherence to ethics standards.
Mobility Concepts 2030 (RWTH Aachen Summer School)
APPLICATION CLOSED - 16 - 20 September, 2019 - Global megatrends as urbanization, digitization and environmental change lead to disruption both in society and in mobility. In this year’s Summer School we will figure out how the demand for urban mobility is going to change.
Ethics of New Biotechnologies (TU Delft Summer School)
APPLICATION CLOSED - 19 - 25 October, 2019 - New biotechnologies create new opportunities in many fields such as medicine, agriculture and industrial biotechnology. What are risks and ethical issues that arise from these developments?
Infrastructures of Science (ETH Zurich / RWTH Aachen Summer School)
APPLICATION CLOSED - 15 - 19 July, 2019 - The interdisciplinary Summer School investigates the history and philosophy of digital infrastructures. How do infrastructures affect science? And how do sciences configure their technologies?
First WACQT Summer School on Quantum Technology (Chalmers University Summer School)
APPLICATION CLOSED - 21 - 26 August, 2019 - The PhD School of the Wallenberg Centre of Quantum Technology (WACQT) organises its first summer school. Six internationally renowned speakers will lecture on different aspects of Quantum Technology.

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