Sensing and simulation to optimize fresh fruit cold chains
Description and objectives Optimising cold chains of fruits across all unit operations is of key importance to maintain fresh food quality and to reduce food losses.
Sensing from farm to fork to optimize agri-food supply chains
Optimising cold chains of fruits and vegetables across all unit operations is of key importance to maintain fresh food quality and to reduce food losses.
Chemical sensing platform for in-situ and real-time monitoring of wound healing process
Chronic wounds (i.e. venous, diabetic ulcers) are regarded as a silent epidemic, which affects 1-2% of the population and represent 2-4% of healthcare expenses. On the other side, approximately 900 mil-lion people suffer worldwide from acute injuries (i.e. penetrating trauma, burns) requiring specia
Master thesis: Photo-tuneable mechanical properties of 3D printed cellulose composites
At Empa, the Cellulose & Wood Materials laboratory is developing a 3D printing platform for the production of functional cellulose based devices. In particular, we work on materials with locally tuneable mechanical properties triggered by light.
Master Thesis on Development of Novel Joining Techniques for Power Semiconductor Packaging
Possibility for a Master Thesis on the topic "Development of Novel Joining Techniques for Power Semiconductor Packaging"
Planning clean electrification solutions for rural areas in Guatemala
For designing clean electrification solutions, it is needed to estimate the energy demand, as well as to consider the existing infrastructure and renewable energy potential of the country. This project aims to improve the planning and design of electrification projects in the Central American region
Development of electrospun membranes for nanoparticle transport studies at biological barriers
With the growing use of nanotechnology, our body is likely to be exposed to nanoparticles (NPs). Therefore, studies dealing with the translocation and effects of NPs at various biological tissue barriers are of key importance for the safe design of NPs for medical and industrial applications
Project on the developmen of a variable stiffness structures for the MyoSuit
In a currently running project the MyoSuit, a wearable system that combines robotics and functional textiles to support the user's activities of daily life, is being further developed. This thesis focuses on the development of variable stiffness structures for an improved human-robot interface.
Investigating the structure and properties of metal/ceramic interfaces by means of atomistic simulations: Designing an interatomic potential for the Cu/AlN system
Metal/ceramic interfaces are of great techn. importance. Experiments revealed anomalous fast diffusion of Cu along interfaces between Cu and AlN, which could be exploited for nanojoining technologies. The project aims to investigate the dynamics of such interfacial phenomena by atomistic simulations
PhD position at The University of Edinburgh and Empa
Fire Behaviour of Carbon Fiber prestressed High Performance Concrete. An experimental and numerical study at The University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Empa. The PhD candidate will be located in Edinburgh and will spend two month a year for experimental work at Empa Dübendorf in Switzerland.
Cellular Automata for Modelling Microstructure Development during Metal Additive Manufacturing
Cellular Automata is an effective approach for prediction of the microstructure and texture evolution during additive manufacturing. The aim of this student project is to numerically and experimentally analyse the microstructure evolution of a superalloy during SLM process.
Thermomechanical Simulation for Distortion and Residual Stress Prediction in SLM Parts
Several simplified approaches for prediction of residual stress and distortion of AM parts have been proposed and implemented into commercial FE-packages. The aim of this student project is to evaluate the computational effectiveness and accuracy of predictions by a number of FE-packages.

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