Interface optimization of biphasic membranes for vascular tissue engineering
The aim of this project is to optimize the interface between an elastomeric layer and nanofibrous sheets in order to obtain a hybrid membrane to integrate in artificial heart devices.
Efficient Carbon based Water Adsorbers for Sustainable Cooling
Energy efficiency of cooling and air conditioning are a significant future challenge. Activated Carbon xerogels are promising water adsorbers for sustainable cooling. In order to optimize their performance the link atomistic structure-performance has to be better understood.
Manufacturing of complex concave structures using additive manufacturing techniques
Developing additive manufacturing processes to produce complex shapes like tetrapods and dolos.
Risk assessment of nanomaterials
Engineered Nanomaterials (ENM) are contained in many commercial products. During various stages of the life cycle of a product, ENM can be released into the environment. The aim of this work is to investigate release, flows and risks of ENM in the environment, based on a life-cycle perspective.
LICARA NanoSCAN - a web based tool for sustainable nanomaterials
Empa, TNO and the Nano-Cluster Bodensee designed the LICARA NanoSCAN together with partners from industry and science to help SMEs to develop sustainable innovative nanomaterials, products and applications. The LICARA NanoSCAN helps to assess the benefits and risks of nanomaterials.

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