Quantifying CO2 and NO2 emissions of cities and power plants from satellite observations
In this project, you will quantify the CO2 and NO2 emissions of cities and power plants from the new Sentinel-5P TROPOMI satellite that provides high-resolution images of NO2 emission plumes.
Multi-material 3D printing of soft robots using a quad extruder based 3D printer
This project involves determining optimal printing parameters of a novel multi material quad-extruder (two filament printing extruder and two pellet extruders) based FDM 3D printer. Different materials will be used to fabricate different robotic structures with both sensing and actuating elements.
Flexibility potential of residential buildings for distribution grid services
Limiting climate change calls for a high penetration of renewable energy technologies that imposes new challenges to the operation of the electricity grid. With the use of such intermittent power sources, a shift from supply- to demandside control is inevitable. Towards that direction, the electrification of the residential building sector has a high potential for flexible operation of electrical loads following the requirements of the distribution grid. This flexible load is enabled with the use of small-scale heat pumps and the buildings’ thermal inertia. Therefore, the thermal mass of a residential building combined with its heating system plays a key role in the flexibility potential it can offer and eventually the additional stress imposed on the distribution grid.
Atomistic modeling of irradiation-driven chemistry
Using recent developments in modeling irradiation-driven chemistry by our partners from the MBN research center (https://mbnresearch.com/), we would like to explore the dynamics of metal deposition induced by electron and ion beam at the nanoscale.
Graphene transfer on TOPAS for flexible THz devices
We want to combine materials such as graphene with THz transparent polymers to develop new THz devices in this work. The project aims to optimize the graphene transfer on transparent polymer ( cyclic olefin copolymer - TOPAS).
Development of THz microfluidic devices using 3D printing for the characterization of proteins
In the suggested master thesis, we seek a candidate to continue the current work on developing 3D printed THz microfluidic devices for measuring proteins in the THz re-gime (figure 1).
Master Thesis on Environmental effect on intergranular corrosion of 2xxx Al alloys
In this project, a combined microscopic and electrochemical approach will be used to correlate the local surface reactivity of Al-Cu-Li alloys to specific microstructural features for a detailed characterization of corrosion processes at the microscale.

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