Lightweight and Smart Solutions for Next-Generation Mobility (Politecnico di Milano Summer School)
CLOSED - 25 – 29 July 2022 - The school will create a multidisciplinary context where to imagine and design next-generation vehicles, by exploiting lightweight and intelligent approaches. The challenges that the mobility ecosystem will tackle in the following decades, especially inside urban scenarios, will be explored.
Greening and Governing Global Supply Chains (ETH Zurich Summer School)
CLOSED - 4 – 9 September 2022 - The ISTP summer school provides novel insights on the sustainability of global supply chains producing food commodities, precious metals, and battery materials. Our participants will learn about the research that assesses the environmental and social impacts of this globalized production flow and policies addressing them.
Trajectories of Technology (RWTH Aachen Summer School)
CLOSED - 5 - 9 September 2022 - In this Summer School we will learn about the pasts and the futures of high-performance computing, of green energy, and of robotics. We will explore how social techniques like agenda setting or road mapping design not only multiple possible futures, but also different pasts of technological development.
Analysis and modelling road user behaviour (Chalmers University Summer School)
CLOSED - 4 – 9 September 2022 - The summer school aims to provide with the human factors theoretical foundations for the analysis and modelling of road-user behaviour, within the context of road safety and development of driving automation systems.
When science meets art for climate action at university campuses (RWTH Aachen Summer School)
CLOSED - 4-9 September 2022 - Please note the new description: This summer school offers a platform for knowledge exchange and capacity building on technological-innovation aspects of urban transformation processes with a specific focus on climate action.

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