Semester project in identification of membrane protein-protein interaction
Research project available on identification of protein interactions in Arabidopsis
Feedback stabilization of a micro droplet in an optical trap
The project consists of building an optical trap and conducting position measure- ments of the droplet as a function of laser power. In a second step, a PID feedback loop will be implemented to actively stabilize the trap.
MIDATA - ahdis – eHealth Developer
To demonstrate the new possibilites of the FHIR ( standard you create a Proof Of Concept for a mobile app which connects to the future electronic health record in Switzerland in combination with the platform.
Interplay of posttranslational modification sites in enzyme activity regulation (Master project)
Research project available on investigating the interplay and protein activity fine-tuning of different posttranslational modifications (PTM) sites
Semester project: Discovery of novel kinases in E. coli that regulate enzyme activity
Research project available on the discovery of novel kinases in E. coli that are crucial for enzyme activity regulation in metabolism.
Metabolomics and Flux Balance Analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Research project available on investigating the regulation of metabolism in S. cerevisiae, via enzyme phosphorylation

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