Interplay of posttranslational modification sites in enzyme activity regulation (Master project)
Research project available on investigating the interplay and protein activity fine-tuning of different posttranslational modifications (PTM) sites
Semester project: Discovery of novel kinases in E. coli that regulate enzyme activity
Research project available on the discovery of novel kinases in E. coli that are crucial for enzyme activity regulation in metabolism.
Metabolomics and Flux Balance Analysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Research project available on investigating the regulation of metabolism in S. cerevisiae, via enzyme phosphorylation
Semester project in identification of plant membrane protein-protein interaction
Research project available on identification of protein interactions in Arabidopsis
Crystals preparation of an opsin G protein-coupled receptor for X-ray femtosecond crystallography
We are seeking a highly motivated student who will support the preparation of a selected GPCR-opsin for structural studies at X-FEL beamlines.
Droplet Tools for High-Throughput Screening (deMello Group)
We aim at establishing a robust droplet-based microfluidic toolkit to enable new High-Throughput biochemical screens
High-Throughput Microfluidic Tools for C. elegans Screens (deMello Group)
The ability to process large cohorts of C. elegans is a current hurdle for biologists working with this powerful model organism. We aim to implement microfluidic solutions to empower experimentation with the worm.
Development of high-throughput image analysis software for biological subcellular structures
Development of an image analysis software allowing automatic detection and quantification of fluorescently labeled molecules in subcellular compartments

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