Preconditioner fo 3D Parallel Nano-Optics Maxwell Solver Code HADES3D
Finite element algorithm and software development in joint project with the Zurich-based high-tech start-up company LSPR AG. Augment existing electromagnetics simulation code by modern auxiliary space preconditioner.
Radiation Pressure Sensor
The objective of this project is to develop a sensor for measuring the radiation pressure of light. A high-reflectivity dielectric mirror will be be mounted on a nanoscale cantilever with very low stiffness. An incident laser beam will be reflected and measured by a weak probe laser.
Electronic processing of quantum random numbers from a photonic chip
The goal of this project is to develop a complete interface, control and processing electronic system based on state-of-the-art FPGA technologies to integrate the optics with current IT systems.
Optical sensing with a resonant tunneling device
In this project, an optical multilayer structure will be analyzed, fabricated and characterized. The objective is to fabricate the device and measure the reflectance spectrum for different angles.
Automated identification of two-dimensional crystals based on optical contrast difference
The goal of this project is to develop an automated setup that is able to identify flakes of different thicknesses on Si/SiO2 substrates by analyzing the difference in optical contrast between the crystals and the substrate.
Optical forces in structured fields
The goal of this project is to develop a calculational toolbox allowing investigation of optical forces generated by structured fields when interacting with nano-optical building blocks.
Optimal State Estimation of a Levitated Nanoparticle
In this project, a Kalman filter will be implemented to estimate the time-varying state of a nanoparticle held in the focus of a laser beam. The state of the particle will then be used in a feedback loop to act back on the particle and to provide ultimate control over the nanoparticle's dynamics.
Automated nanoparticle loading
Levitation optomechanics systems consist of a nanoparticle that is optically trapped and levitated by a focused laser beam under vacuum conditions. The aim of this project is to design and build a reliable and automated nanoparticle loading process that can be triggered remotely.
Parametric Amplification and Damping of a Mechanical Oscillator
The objective of this project is to develop a mechanical model system consisting of a pendulum that is controlled by a time-varying magnetic field.
Optical forces to levitate objects against gravity
The goal of this project is to design and build a demonstration experiment, where a dielectric sphere is levitated against gravity by weakly focused laser beam.
Optical antennas driven by quantum tunneling
We have several semester and master projects available with regards to the study of novel antenna designs, the optimization of device efficiencies and the exploration of new frequency domains.

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