Risk assessment of nanomaterials
Nanoparticles (NP) are already contained in many commercial products. During various stages of the life cycle of a product, NP can be released into the environment. The aim of this work is to investigate release, transformations and fate of NP in the environment, based on a life-cycle perspective.
Optimal structural properties of carbon aerogel adsorbers for efficient and sustainable cooling.
Carbon aerogels are a promising water adsorber for sustainable cooling systems using waste heat. In the further development of these systems the adsorber needs to be tailored to specific applications. Thus the influence of the structural properties on the adsorption behaviour needs to be studied.
Master Thesis / Semester project: Development of optimized bio-polymeric nanofibers for controlled drug release
The aim of this project is to optimize production parameters for electrospun membranes to be used for wound healing. The student will produce and analyze nanofibers. The resulting fibrous membranes will be loaded with bioactive substances extracted from medicinal mushrooms
LICARA NanoSCAN – a web based tool for sustainable nanomaterials
Empa, TNO and the Nano-Cluster Bodensee designed the LICARA NanoSCAN together with partners from industry and science to help SMEs to develop sustainable innovative nanomaterials, products and applications. The LICARA NanoSCAN helps to assess the benefits and risks of nanomaterials.

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